City Blues; Loneliness is Bliss

I’ve been walking around these Manhattan streets on my own for around four months now and haven’t quite found my place among all the noise. This densely populated city has still managed me make me feel alone. There’s something about it that makes me feel so alive yet, so lacking.

It’s almost like you create the very unique path that only you know and follow when you live in a big city. By doing this you, in turn, cut yourself off from all the possible opportunities and people that you might meet in the city.  Loneliness is a good and bad thing in my eyes. Through being alone and feeling alone I have learned to think more about myself and to focus on my own goals. However, feeling alone can only last for so long until you long for social interaction.

It’s important to embrace new paths and to do new things when you live in a place like New York City. By doing this you’ll be able to open your world up to all kinds of experiences. Talking to more people, living a little more.

I feel that the internet isn’t much help when it comes to feeling alone. There’s so much content and you can begin to feel like you aren’t living your best life. Less screen time, more time to create, more time to experience life.

There’s nothing wrong with alone time and loneliness is a common feeling among those who live in a large city. Surround yourself with good people and learn to venture more outside of your comfort zone.

Everything is going to be okay.

Love, Ashley 




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