First Semester in NYC

I moved to NYC in August. So much was about to happen. I had a lot of things running through my head. My first semester of college was at LIM College. No idea of how this school would be. No clue who I would befriend. Just overall clueless. I’d like to thank those who I met in my short time at LIM. They really made my first semester in NYC a good one and my time at LIM wonderful. I’m happy for all the things that went down in my first semester. Wandering aimlessly around at 10pm. Long work days or nights at The Bean. It’s been quite the semester. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been able to do. Making New York really feel like my home.

This is to the last of my teenage years. To those who push me to thrive. Thank you for everything. Thanks to people like Abigail for letting me come up on a limb when I’m having a bad day. I’m just so full of love for everyone and everything.

I can’t wait until I’m back home. Can’t wait for my new start at FIT. Thanks again to everyone.

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