New Beginnings

August 22, 2017. A new start, a new city, a new school. All alone. 18 years old and trying to get a grip on life. As I left home, tired from the music fest I attended the nights before, I felt an overwhelming rush of excitement and nervousness take me over. Yet, I wasn’t sad, not yet, not for awhile. We land at JFK at around 6 p.m. and wait for the taxi. I spend the hour long ride taking in the city from the backseat as we made our way to our Upper East Side hotel room from JFK.

It’s pretty wild to be somewhere that you’ve only dreamed about. I remember when I was little watching The Tenth Kingdom with my family. When I moved back in with my mom my sophomore year I remember purchasing a canvas listing landmarks in New York City which only a dream of me living there. I spent my first full day exploring the city and getting stuff for my dorm.

My first month in the city was a huge adjustment. I learned more about how to not worry about being alone. Went to the orientation and worked to meet new people. It’s proven to be hard to make friends at a fashion school. The rest of my time has been wonderful. This is to my new beginnings. To the memories I have made so far and to the memories I’ll make in the years to come. To my new city and my new life. New beginnings that’ll help me thrive even if I’m brought down at times. I’m ready to take on these next few years. And I’m ready to share content with anyone who’s feeling lost, looking for themselves and so on. To finding ourselves together.

Keep on keeping on.

– Ashley

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